La Befana – The Italian Christmas Witch

La Befana - the Italian Christmas Witch

Wait, what? A witch instead of Santa? Well no, not really. All Italians I know celebrate Christmas the way people do in the US. Of course, some traditions are slightly different, and everybody eats different foods. But the basics are the same: lots of Christmas decorations, a pretty Christmas tree, and of course Christmas presents […]

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Are Cinepanettoni Italy’s Guilty Pleasure?

Panettone + Christmas = Cinepanettone

What is a Cinepanettone? What in the world are cinepanettoni, you wonder? Well, cine- comes from cinema (i.e., the movies, movie theatre) and a panettone is an Italian Christmas cake. It’s sort of a sweet bread with candied fruit and raisins. The plural of panettone is panettoni. So, one panettone, two panettoni. Therefore, cinepanettoni = […]

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Best Christmas Markets in Italy 2017

Christmas markets Italy 2017

Christmas is a big deal in Italy. Decorations are slowly coming up everywhere starting in late November. In most cities you’ll find a small stand selling vin brulé (=mulled wine) close to the center. And you are bound to run into a guy with a cart selling castagne (=roasted chestnuts) when you walk the town […]

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