Italian Women and Fashion: Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Italian Women Fashion - Oversized Sunglasses
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Italian Women and Fashion: Upgrade your Spring 2018 Wardrobe

Italian women have long been the trendsetters of the fashion world. Many have impeccable taste. Somehow, they always seem to be able to choose that one item among hundreds that will be both fashionable and affordable. Knowing that, I went on a search for inspiration on how to brush up my own wardrobe for the upcoming season. By taking a look at Italian women and their fashion sense, maybe you can find some inspiration for your own wardrobe as well.

How Italian Women Dress

fashion magazineAs it turns out, Italian women prefer casual clothing, simple but elegant. They use natural fabrics more than synthetic ones. Their strong points are vivid accessories, combined with solid color clothes. Thanks to the information provided by a popular Pinterest page on Italian style and Italian fashion magazines, I was able to choose what I’ll wear this spring.

Italian Women & Fashion: Spring 2018

Are you ready for spring 2018? If you want to copy how Italian women dress while not spending a fortune on a complete wardrobe renewal, take a look at these 10 tips coming to you straight from Italy.

1. Scarves

A scarf is a favorite accessory of fashionable Italian women. Many women prefer wearing plain clothes of solid colors with one or two colorful, distinctive items. In the springtime, scarves also help keep you warm when it gets chilly and provide countless ways of self-expression. Italian women tend to prefer foulard scarves or warmer scarves with bright floral patterns.

Looking for new ways wearing your scarf? Check out this video.

And check out these beauties here for inspiration:

2. Elegant flats

Italian women are the best at combining style and comfort. That’s why they prefer low-heel or block-heel shoes. Flats are the best shoes to wear if you need to walk a lot, especially on the cobblestoned roads of Florence or Rome. To give your look a more elegant touch, choose the ones with pointed tips and in solid colors. While strong colors are popular this spring, dark or classic black ballet never seem to be out of fashion.

Here are some examples:

3. Jeans

Jeans are a practical choice for any spring outfit. You can take a look at some classic models that will look equally harmonious with both an elegant blouse or a funky t-shirt. Capris are also an option for a graceful summery look. Thanks to being easily combinable with virtually anything from a lady’s wardrobe, jeans are one of the favorite items of Italian women.

4. Eye-catching sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory Italian women just cannot do without. With so much sun throughout the year, in so many parts of the county, they simply must have a few pairs of fashionable sunglasses. Just as any Italian accessory, they should be eye-catching. For this purpose, oversized glasses are the best choice. They come in different shades, from neon blue to golden brown, and you can feel free to experiment with the colors.

5. A trench coat

A trench coat in solid colors is another hit with Italian women, season after season. It is warm enough for the quickly changing weather and gives a touch of casual elegance. Big buttons and the distinct waistline are what gives a trench coat its appealing look. I know for sure that color Bordeaux is the one that will be in trend in Italy in the spring of 2018, but you can wear whatever color suits you best.

6. Bags, bags, bags

A leather bag is the classy accessory of every Italian woman. They choose lighter, smaller models due to their love of simple lifestyle. For example, small cross body models will be great for a casual stroll or a night out. Bigger options are also possible, in case you need to carry around a laptop or simply like keeping a lot of things at hand. This spring, tie a foulard scarf around your bag to give it a more playful look – this wardrobe feature has already become popular across the globe, and not only on the streets of Rome. There is also another special trend of this season – funky shopping bags of intricate colors, which are a daring and fashionable statement.

7. Colorful pants

Italian women adore different pants of vivid colors. A lively touch of green or red will add spunk to any look. Such pants should be combined with solid tops of classic white or black colors. But the good news is – we can choose a bag of virtually any color to go with them. Dressing Italian style is all about color. Choose short pants for a more casual and feminine look.

8. Leather jackets

Leather jackets are another classy wardrobe item that many Italian women prefer. It’s always trendy, so you can buy one for a few years ahead and never worry it will go out of fashion. A leather jacket is also a perfect option for cold days, because it is warmer than a trench coat. This spring, Italy will dress up in short leather jackets of classic colors combined with cowboy metal-toe boots and other Native American style accessories.

9. Ankle boots

For the colder months of spring, especially in the northern parts of Italy, these are indispensable. Ankle boots will be very much in vogue in spring 2018, especially those with low heels. The classic version of ankle shoes is called Oxfords, and they mostly come in black colors. One of the most popular Italian magazines for women, Grazia, suggest them in a more daring version, reminiscent of the biker style. If you are in for brighter, glittery colors, check out more eye-catching options here.

10. Poncho

A cozy poncho is one of the hits of the upcoming spring, just like many other items of the cowboy style. You don’t have to wear a cowboy hat in order to enjoy wearing a poncho. They are cozy. They keep you warm. And they go well with any casual bottom – from classic color jeans to dark pants and suede flats.

Italian women adore fashion and are able to choose their wardrobe with taste and elegance. I always try to learn from them and pick out the best clothes that match my taste, body type and budget. The best thing about these items is that they are universal. They can be worn with different styles and in different combinations, and many of them are timeless. This spring, you can grant yourself a pleasure of dressing Italian style. It’s easy, it’s casual, and it’s affordable.


This post was brought to you by regular guest author Olga Drobina. Olga is an Italian linguist from Ukraine and an admirer of Italy. Her first encounter with Italy happened during her university years. She won a scholarship to study the Italian language and culture in the small and picturesque Umbrian town of Perugia. Ever since she has kept cherishing her passion for Italy through teaching Italian, mastering the Italian cuisine, and embracing the Italian ways.


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